The iProtect Solution

  • Know how to bullet proof your business
  • Be Tax Wise
  • Don’t let your death cost your family a fortune
  • Leave a lasting legacy

Attend one of our monthly SEMINARS for business owners and investors or MEET with one of our Specialist corporate commercial Trust Attorneys and Accountants to find how you can secure your properties and businesses for the future!

Our Dynamic Session on structures for business owners will reveal the solutions to: LASTING PEACE OF MIND!

Our business is making sure YOUR business does not cost you and your family EVERYTHING in the event of death, divorce or financial distress. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of our industry and continuously innovating and pioneering new solutions with a core focus on service excellence and client satisfaction.

What is a Trust?

A trust is an agreement between an owner of assets and the trustees. The trustees will administer the trust's assets with the necessary care to the benefit of the beneficiaries. It is an efficient and flexible way to ensure that assets are looked after and protected.

Asset Protection

The objective of a trust is to legally mitigate an individual’s risk by ensuring that all businesses, properties, investments and or assets are owned in the appropriate Trust and Corporate structures. A Trust is the only legal entity in our country which can offer total asset protection.

Attend Our Seminars

The iProtect trust seminars focus on the importance of asset protection and some common consequences and risks of not having the propper level of protection. Can your business survive a divorce or can your marriage survive liquidation?

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