Dear Fellow Trustee

We trust you are well and prospering. This month we bring you a handy tip on how to minimize, avoid and delay the impact of dividends tax and save you the loss of 15% of your profits.

In this years budget, the Minister of Finance dropped a major bombshell on all of us unsuspecting business owners and investors by raising the dividends tax rate from 10% to 15%. This is a whopping increase of 50%, as a result, this will have a massive impact on the net cash position available to you.

As an astute business owner, you must have your Company owned by a Share Trust. This will ensure that the business is not only protected from YOUR creditors and the insane costs that are triggered when you die but that the flow of dividends is correctly structured.

The new dividends tax regime exempts various persons from the dividends tax. This is quite a relief when you consider that the person exempt will save paying the 15% tax. So, instead of the shareholders effective after tax position in their business or investment being the maximum 38.8% it will only be 28%! Does this sound too good to be true?

Fortunately this is what the Income Tax Act states and this was recently stipulated by SARS to clarify the issue!! Very simply, if you have a multiple company structure in place, the after tax profits can flow from your trading Company to the proper structure and thus ensure that the dividend will be exempt, thus SAVING you the LOSS of 15% of your after tax profits.

If you have a Share Trust in place it is crucial that you contact us to review the Trust and Company structure to ensure that you can avail yourself of this benefit.

Contact us NOW to assist you in capitalizing on these benefits! We assure you that we constantly seek out legitimate ways of adding value to you and the structures that you have in place.
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