No Regrets

Dear Fellow Trustee
We trust you are well and prospering.

We recently hosted a number of workshops to raise your awareness and to assist and guide you on how to better manage and administer the Trust structures and to ensure that your personal affairs are in order. The workshops revealed a number of interesting patterns that we will share with YOU.

The first revelation is that most of you have only taken the first steps to securing your assets. Basically you have covered the small stuff. The major assets have not been attended to as a result of a number of factors such as:

1.    You think it is too expensive to transfer your property, your business and or your investment properties.
The reality is that most of you have not enquired or if you have made enquiries you have not followed through with the decisions.
2.    You are too busy, with your business, life, children and the list goes on.
3.    We all procrastinate and suffer from inertia and leave matters in limbo because it seems too complex or too confusing. So why even get going?
4.    You think that all is in order but you have not followed up or followed through.

The second major eye-opener was that despite our constant banging on about getting your Last Wills and Testaments attended to, many of you do not have this simple estate planning aspect covered.
The third issue is the administration and the accounting, many of you have appointed an accountant for the Trust structure but the financials are not finalised or properly attended to coupled with the bare minimum on the admin side.
The fourth and last issue we will raise here is the lack of financial planning involving the Trust structure, the life or risk cover, the short term insurance, the investments and banking accounts leave a lot to be desired.
The list carries on…The reality is that it is not complex, confusing or expensive to tackle the BIG FROGS, the major stuff, but it does take discipline and action to achieve the desired result of YOU personally owning nothing, ZERO and having ALL the assets owned in the Trust structures.

We are always too busy until it is too late, So lets take you on a trip…Imagine that YOU could fast forward 30 years into the future…what does your life look like? Do you have any regrets? Could you have done anything differently? How has your life turned out? Have you been divorced? Have you lost your business, assets or properties? Have you been sued? Have you made tons of money? Perhaps you died prematurely!!


NOBODY wants to live with regrets or knowing that you could or should have done. It is OUR prime goal to ensure that the initial steps you have taken in structuring your affairs are seen through to finality.
Take action, contact us NOW to assist you in doing what you know that you must do.

In closing we invite you, your family, friends and advisers to our Trust session this month on the following dates:
CAPE TOWN on the 20th of November 2012 at the Cullinan Inn Hotel;
JOHANNESBURG on the 19th of November 2012 at the Crowne Plaza, Sandton;
DURBAN the 21st of November 2012 at the Gateway Hotel Umhlanga;
PRETORIA the 20th of November 2012 at the Pretoria Country Club.

Contact us NOW to reserve your seat on or call Taryn on (021) 671-6128 or Carol-Anne on (011) 326-4140 or Leosha on (031) 566-2046.

Have an awesome fun filled and fulfilled month till our next infomail, as always, in the event that you require assistance with any of the issues raised above or need any help with any aspect of relating to the Trust, please contact us at or 021 671-6128.