About Us

iProtect is a group, which was borne out of a dire need for services and solutions to individuals who have or require the establishment of Corporate Commercial and Trust Structures. There are numerous legal, tax , corporate, administration and accounting ramifications for such structures, yet despite the glaring demand for a comprehensive solution to such needs, clients have nowhere to turn to. Enter iProtect the first comprehensive offering of its kind in South Africa.

Most individuals find themselves in the invidious position where they have structures, yet they are in some manner inadequate, the structures are disjointed, they are antiquated or poorly administered. Another major gripe is the lack of support on the structures they have established. iProtect has pioneered a seamless solution that ensures the corporate, legal, accounting, administrative and financial aspects of an individuals structure is implemented and executed through our dedicated and focused teams.

iProtect specialises in Corporate Commercial and Trust Structures which optimise risk mitigation, asset protection, tax and estate planning. This is achieved by using Trusts, corporate and commercial entities and the necessary and relevant agreements and contracts. iProtect provides these services to clients both independently, and through affiliates in the financial services, property and professional industries. Typically, clients requiring our specialised services are business owners, high net-worth individuals and commercial property owners.

The iProtect offering and solution is delivered through the specialist and niche legal practices of Velosa & Associates Incorporated and Delgado Velosa Kenworthy & Associates Incorporated. The focused accounting functions are provided by iProtect Accounting (Proprietary) Limited and the independent Trustee role is carried out by iProtect Trustees (Proprietary) Limited. iProtect is a national group equipped to deliver the solutions and services in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of our industry and continuously innovating and pioneering new solutions with a core focus on service excellence and client satisfaction.


•Business Owners
•Property Owners
•High Net Worth Individuals